How to detox your body and lose weight

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Every year, at the end of the year, everyone looks forward to the holiday season. We feel like putting everything on our plate and consuming unhealthy foods and drinks, such as alcohol and sugary drinks. This habit can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of obesity and chronic diseases. But after all this has happened, a detox diet can help you lose weight.

What is detox diet and how does it work?

With the help of juices, fruits, and vegetables, detox diets aim to flush the body of excess toxins. They are temporary changes in eating habits. Typically, they take 3 to 7 days.

These diets aim to increase energy, enhance immunity, improve circulation, and clear your skin. The juices consumed as part of a detox diet typically consist of mixtures of numerous fresh fruit and vegetable varieties. There are many advantages to detox diets. The most crucial benefit is that you will lose weight as a result of this diet because it will change your eating habits and food perception for the better.

Types of Detox diet

– Consuming fresh juice made from fruits like lemon, smoothies, detox water and tea

– Fasting – drinking water only for 1 to 3 days without food

– Taking herbs or supplements: Herbal detoxes are usually beverages or teas containing various herbs.     This can promote weight loss and eliminate toxins from your body. Most are used short term, usually      3 to 14 days.

– Using enemas, laxatives, or colon juice cleanse drinks: This type of detoxification will improve your         health by detoxing you, emptying your bowels, helping your digestion and making you lose weight.

– Restricting certain foods and doing regular physical activity

Benefits of Detox

1. Promotes mindful eating

Although the detox diet are for a short period, the idea builds a healthier lifestyle. You begin to appreciate your body more than ever. You become cautious about what you eat as you know what effect it has on your body. Moreover, it brings balance into your life.

2. Promoting hair and skin health

Toxin removal produces healthy, radiant skin. Detox diets are beneficial for the skin because they may also reduce acne and promote clear skin.

3. Promoting weight loss and the digestive system

The removal of toxins makes it easier for vitamins and other nutrients to be absorbed. Detox diets are also said to change metabolism, which results in long-term weight management.

4. Immune system booster

A rise in immunity happens as more vitamins and minerals are absorbed and as vital organs start to get healthier.

5. Enhanced mental health

Sleep, concentration, and clarity are also benefits of detox diets. Thus, they contribute to the mental health of everyone.

Disadvantages of Detox diet

– If done for a long period, it can cause low levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats or carbohydrates.

– You can regain the weight again if you do not adapt to the healthy eating lifestyle after a detox period.

– It can cause fatigue.

Who Should avoid detox diet?

– Expectant or breastfeeding mothers, because toxins could be passed to their little ones.

– People with diabetes, heart diseases, or other medical problems.

– Not recommended for teens, because they need enough calories and protein to support normal growth and energy levels.

Detox diets are short-term, but they help with removing toxin in your body and with weight loss, therefore you are requested to adapt to a healthy eating lifestyle after a detox period, so that you do not regain the weight again.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle is to practice mindful eating for the rest of your life. Eat meals with higher fiber starchy carbohydrates, lots of fruit and vegetables, more fish and lean protein, get enough sleep, 7 to 8 hours every day, get active and drink a lot of water. Avoid Sugary drinks, Alcohol, white bread, candy bars, Ice cream, Pastries and cakes.

Note: it is very important for everyone to consult your doctor before you start a detox diet.

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