Can You Lose Weight During Menopause?

Weightloss and menopause

It is possible and very important for women to lose weight during menopause, because during this process they gain weight. The weight gained can put them at risk of developing chronic diseases. What is Menopause? Menopause is the time when a women’s reproductive system no longer produces hormones. It typically happens around the age of … Read more

Ikaria Lean Belly Juice Reviews-The Easy and the HealthyWay to Lose Weight

It is very important to lose weight because when you are obese, it puts you at risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke I know most people are tired of exercising and eating light. But do you know that Ikaria lean belly Juice supplement can speed up the weight loss … Read more

Lose Weight With Yoga at Home

Yoga is a type of exercise in which you move your body into various positions in order to become more fit or flexible, to improve your breathing and to relax. If you want to lose weight with Yoga you must practice it as often as possible. You can do a more intense practice at least … Read more

Best Vegetarian Diet To Lose Weight

A Vegetarian is a person who does not eat or does not believe in eating meat, fish, foul, or in some cases they do not eat any food derived from animal, such as eggs or cheese, but subsists on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grain, e.t.c. Can Vegetarians Lose Weight? The answer to the above question is … Read more

How Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?

If you want to see good results with weight loss, you must avoid alcohol or drink it in moderation because it can make it harder for you to lose weight. Reasons below shows how: 1. Alcohol is high in calories which can result to weight gain 2. Calories from alcohol are useless. They are not … Read more

How To Lose Weight Through Meditation

  There are many types of meditation that can can help you develop a better understanding of yourself including how your mind and body works. This increased awareness makes meditation a useful tool for better understanding your eating habits, which could result in weight loss What is Meditation And How to Do It? Meditation is … Read more

Eat What You Like and Still Lose Weight

Low calorie counting

Losing weight can be very frustrating sometimes for some people because they think they forgo the food they like. But the good news is, you can eat what you want and still lose weight. Research shows that eating in a mindful way, that is having respect for your own food, you can lose weight even … Read more

How to lose weight Safely and Keep it

  It is very important to lose weight the safer and the right way, because it is going to be easy for you to keep the weight for life. Maintaining a healthy weight is key for good health. What is the Most Important Thing to Lose Weight and Keep it? The most important thing is … Read more